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Episode 54:
The Consumer Trends Impacting Absorbent Hygiene pt. 1
with Liying Qian and Ali Angus

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On Episode 54, Euromonitor’s Ali Angus and Liying Qian discuss how three of their Top 10 Global Consumer Trends of 2023 affect absorbent hygiene manufacturers.

We are seeing more hygiene brands with products taking care of multiple hygiene conditions. Bladder leakage to blood and other bodily discharge by a lot of these key suppliers.

One of the key messages is convenience. You can use one product for multiple purposes, but at the same time, you can run the longest mileage with just one unit for all. I think consumers recognize that, and it's one of the reasons behind its rising popularity and acceptance across many markets.

Last episode, host Jack Hughes and his guests reviewed Euromonitor’s Top 10 Global Consumer Trends of 2023. This time, Jack is again joined by the market research group’s Ali Angus, Head of Innovation Practice, and Liying Qian, Head of Tissue and Disposable Hygiene. Together they take a closer look at how three of those trends impact absorbent hygiene manufacturers.

‘Budgeteers’: Seeking the best value for their money

Inflation and other economic realities have made consumers price-sensitive. Many opt for less expensive items or items that can be repaired or refurbished. For single-use products like absorbent hygiene articles, they look for products they can use longer without sacrificing performance—or risking their health and wellness. This trend favours added-value purchases at lower costs. Wetness indicators becoming a standard feature is an excellent example. Another is a shift toward reusable products which may be a larger initial investment but save money over time.

‘Eco Economic’: Saving money also helps save the planet

The trends for lower cost, coupled with repair, reuse, and refurbish, unintentionally support sustainability. Fewer products being made means lower consumption of materials and energy. This trend also benefits the makers of reusable articles. Companies may actively promote their products’ economic and environmental benefits. Meanwhile, more consumers are using the same hygiene articles to manage both period care and incontinence needs. Some suppliers are warning against cross-use; others embrace it.

‘Revived Routines’: Supporting a return to the new normal

As consumers resume social activities in public places, they want products that help them feel confident. The use of period care and incontinence articles that fit into more active lifestyles is on the rise. Slim profiles improve comfort and discretion. Tampons with spiral or interlaced grooves improve leakage control for mobility and freedom. Brands position themselves as companions of the consumer, there for them throughout the consumer’s lives and choices.

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Outline of Episode 54

  • [01:52]   Summary of the six trends with the strongest impact on absorbent hygiene
  • [08:35]   Products that last longer or absorb more add value
  • [13:08]   How ‘Budgeteers’ affects institutional products and purchases
  • [20:00]   The mixed impact on Direct-to-Consumer brands
Eco Economic
  • [26:02]   Reusable diapers and other trends
  • [28:25]   Cross-utilisation of products
  • [30:29]    Educating the consumer
Revived Routines
  • [37:12]   Companies position themselves to provide support for consumer choices
  • [39:09]   Product changes indicative of the trend
  • [41:44]    Swimming pants/diapers in China

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