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What are Bostik's Specialty Hot Melt Adhesives?

For simplicity of use and design flexibility in durable products assembly applications, consider Hot Melt Webs, Hot Melt Films, Hot Melt Powders, and Mot Melt Pellets.

Bostik's new generation of easy-to-use and sustainable assembly thermo-bonding solutions are:

  • Pellets, powders, webs, and films adapt to existing and future equipment methods.  
  • Wide selection of base polymers, including EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), polyolefin, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), copolyester, and co-polyamide. 
  • We are part of global supply and manufacturing network to support your projects worldwide with innovative and vertically-integrated solutions.

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Advantages of Specialty Hot Melt Adhesives

These globally accessible solutions create a solid, long-lasting bond across various equipment techniques and are perfect for bonding, coating, and laminating applications.

They can also provide the following because they are based on a variety of polymers, such as thermoplastic polyurethanes, copolyesters, and copolymers:

  • Fast set times with no drying or curing time to increase operational efficiencies and reduce energy usage 
  • Multi-substrate adhesion, excellent chemical compatibility, and tailor-made formulations to enhance performance, designs, and functionalities 
  • Recycling stream compatibility and bio-based polymers of up to 80% to improve sustainability 
  • Solvent-free and no mixing required to heighten worker safety

What is Bostik's product range of Specialty Hot Melts Adhesives?

Bostik Hot Melt Powders

Based on Fixatti grinding expertise, our Hot Melts Powders could be applied as additives, adhesives, or binding agents in a wide application range. Our powders are defined with a nearly spherical particle shape, giving them superior dispersion characteristics and excellent adhesion to smooth surfaces. Our micronization technology provides a very high grinding performance with a narrow and homogenous spectrum of particles.

Key Features of Bostik Hot Melt Powders: 

  • Customized particle size from <80 to 500 microns
  • Taylor-made formulations and compounds
  • Consistent particles size distribution
  • Base chemistries include EVA, polyolefin, TPU, copolyester, and co-polyamide


Bostik Hot Melt Webs

Our webs are hot melts adhesives formed into a non-woven material that handles like a fabric. Web adhesives are ideal for open bonding structures, such as open-cell foam.

Key Features of Bostik Hot Melt Webs: 

  • Optimized weight to performance criteria
  • Web weight from 12 gsm to 120 gsm.
  • Customized width from 300 mm to 1900 mm.
  • Base chemistries include polyolefin, copolyester, and co-polyamide


Bostik Hot Melt Films

Produced as single or multilayered, our films are designed with modified polymers to bond easily on different substrates, such as foams, metals, textiles or plastics. Films are formulated and coextruded to ensure excellent adhesion to customers' materials. They can respond to many bonding types, provide excellent properties as a barrier against industrial fluids or water, offer very high mechanical resistance, and play an active role against noise (insulation) or light.


Key Features of Bostik Hot Melt Films: 

  • Film thickness from 20 to 300 microns
  • Customized width from 300 to 3000 mm
  • Taylor-made formulations
  • Base chemistries include EVA, polyolefin, TPU, copolyester, and co-polyamide


Bostik Hot Melt Pellets

Our hot melts pellets offer excellent thermal stability and precise dispensing for easy processability. They also serve as the raw material to make webs, films, and specialty compounds. 

Key Features of Bostik Hot Melt Pellets: 

  • Base chemistry includes polyolefin, EVA, TPU, copolyester, and co-polyamide
  • Tailor-made formulations and compounds
  • Own polymerization of thermoplastic co-polyamide and copolyesters


How can Specialty Hot Melt Adhesives help you achieve sustainability?

  • Reliable Chemistry

With 100% solid content, and label free production, our solutions are formulated with no solvent or harmful chemicals.

  • Responsible Production 

In addition to an immediate setting time, no solvent elimination is needed with our specilaty hot melts, which helps reduce your energy usage. 

  • Sustainable Design

Our solutions are thermoplastic, which makes it easy for debonding and recycling at the product's end of life. 

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