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In today’s always-evolving absorbent hygiene industry, market trends are driven by five basic consumer needs. Confidence. Comfort. Cost. Convenience. Consistency. Because these needs influence product designs and manufacturing practices, keeping them at the forefront of conversations is essential to your success. 

Consistency gives consumers peace of mind, which leads to ongoing satisfaction with your products. Repeat purchases could turn into years of brand loyalty, not to mention positive reviews and recommendations. Ultimately, the result is better profitability for you as the manufacturer. 
Some market trends that have emerged based on consumer needs in the area of consistency result in a focus on:

  • Appropriate fit and sizing  for the consumer’s lifestyle
  • Predictable performance of products in a variety of situations
  • Innovations in pad attachment  and testing

Consumers want absorbent hygiene products that consistently fit well and stay in place through all levels of activity during the day and at night. They have certain expectations about how an article should perform with every use. Whether for baby care, adult incontinence, or period care, there are things that you as the manufacturer can do to help meet these needs. One of them is choosing the right adhesive partner. 

Our experts at Bostik pay close attention to product quality and performance from both the consumer and manufacturer point of view. We are available to offer insight to help you ensure consumer expectations for consistency are met with every use anywhere the product is used. 

Taking geographic consistency into consideration

One area that is sometimes overlooked is geographic consistency. Wherever a consumer may be in the world, they expect their favourite absorbent hygiene brand and products to perform consistently. If a couple from North America needs to buy or use baby diapers whilst in a foreign country, they have an expectation that those diapers will feel, fit, and perform the same as the product they would purchase or use at home. 

Whilst keeping in mind that consumer preferences and expectations may vary across the globe, there are steps you as a manufacturer can take to offer consumers consistency in performance of your absorbent hygiene products, wherever they are. Product audits are an excellent tool to support that. Testing can help ensure consistent quality and performance across production lines and geographies, no matter where your plants are in the world. 

Global perspective from a global partner

As you consider how to satisfy today’s market trends, you should align with knowledgeable partners. With teams across the globe, our experts at Bostik are positioned to help you make the right decisions at the right time. We can help you select the appropriate adhesive for every application. As your consistently reliable partner, we can provide you with the exact level of support you need as you move forward. 

Take advantage of all that Bostik can do for you

To learn more about how consumer needs for consistency influence product designs and manufacturing practices, talk to a Bostik expert today.


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