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With most absorbent hygiene products, the adhesives used are not visible to the consumer. Not so with pad attachment adhesives for certain period care and incontinence products. Anyone who uses them is quite aware of the adhesive and how well it performs. 

The idea for usage is simple enough: Remove backing and affix pad to underwear.  Yet, the reality is more complex. Consumers expect the pad’s adhesive to:

  • Be easy to attach and adjust
  • Adhere to a variety of underwear fabrics
  • Stay in place throughout daily and nightly activities
  • Detach easily and quietly after use
  • Leave no residue, regardless of underwear or pad material

Whether they are choosing products for period care or incontinence, your consumers will certainly remember how well the adhesive performs—or doesn’t. Failures can be quite embarrassing to the pad user and may affect their brand loyalty.


Pad attachment adhesives from Bostik add additional value to your operation and goals

Our line of absorbent hygiene adhesives are designed to support consumer confidence and, ultimately, your business success and long-term profitability. Your choice of a Bostik pad attachment adhesive can also positively impact your operational efficiencies and even your goals for social responsibility . 

Adhesive experts like Bostik can help you choose the right adhesives for your consumers and your business objectives. Request a meeting today.

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Request our Adhesives 101 training session. Also, read our article ‘The Complex Task of Choosing the Right Adhesives for Your Products’



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