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Consumers are often looking for products and solutions that help make their lives easier. Whether it’s simplifying a task at home or at work, they will remember the time and energy saved. In absorbent hygiene, the convenience afforded by wetness indicators gives products an edge in the marketplace. Hot-melt wetness indicators (HMWI) are one way this can be accomplished. 

Parents, as well as caregivers in institutional settings, appreciate wetness indicators because they:

  • Make it easy to spot when a change is needed
  • Are more sanitary than reaching in to check the diaper
  • Help promote skin health by showing when an insult is present
  • Indicate how much the diaper has already absorbed. This helps avoid the product becoming over-full which can cause leaks and skin damage
  • Reduce waste from discarding diapers too soon, when the diaper is barely wet
  • Save embarrassment for institutionalised wearers who may be unable to sense or to convey when they have voided into the product

Typically, wetness indicators rely on an ingredient that shifts in colour when exposed to urine. One common option changes from yellow to blue due to urine’s higher pH levels.


What attributes to look for in a hot-melt wetness indicator

It is important to note that not all HMWI are created equal. To work effectively, they must perform quickly, easily, and consistently. This requires testing for several attributes.

  • Fast and clear colour change after insult. It should be easily visible, even in dim light, such as when the baby, incontinent adult, or patient is sleeping.
  • Resistance to humidity. This helps prevent premature or partial indications. These can otherwise occur during processing and storage, or even in use before insult. 
  • Reliable processability. HMWI should process cleanly on the production lines and apply neatly to the substrate.
  • Thermal stability. The indicator must function even if the hot melt spends several days in production line melt tanks. This is not uncommon, as often very little is used per diaper.
Additional value you can rely on with HMWI from Bostik

Hot melt wetness indicators from Bostik go beyond improving consumer sentiment, consumer loyalty, and long-term business results. Your selection can also boost operational efficiencies and improved profitability. The right hot-melt wetness indicator can also support social responsibility in a variety of ways. 

Adhesive experts like Bostik can help you choose a hot-melt wetness indicator to empower your products for success. Request a meeting today to find out how.

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