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If you want users of feminine hygiene pads—and even articles designed for light incontinence—to stick with your products, then you need to choose an adhesive that keeps them attached to your brand. How well your pad adheres to her undergarments plays an important role in her ongoing loyalty. 


Typical pad attachment testing can include initial peel testing, “in use” peel testing, and residue testing. These are usually performed using fabrics such as cotton, nylon, microfibre, and more on a variety of weaves, surface treatments, and elongations. Because there is no industry-recognised standard for stay-in-place (SIP) testing, peel is a commonly used proxy ... until now.

You need a better stay-in-place adhesive test

The forces involved with peel testing are not the same as those during actual use. Peel testing can’t accurately predict stay-in-place performance or consumer satisfaction. To help ensure consumer satisfaction throughout all her movements of the day and night, you need a way to specifically and accurately test SIP performance. Looking at both your needs and hers, our innovation experts have developed a new, unique stay-in-place test method. 


Bostik introduces Staybility™ Testing

Using our simple, patent-pending methodology, you can test the stay-in-place performance of any adhesive on any fabric in both side mode and bunch mode. The data you receive can help you choose the right pad attachment adhesive that meets the desired performance needs for your feminine hygiene products. That’s because Staybility Testing accurately predicts consumer satisfaction. 


Give her a pad that satisfies her expectations. You’ll be one step closer to ensuring she sticks with your products—and with your brand—for days, months, and even years to come.


Fabrics, Fibres, and Stay-in-Place Performance

Learn how consumer underwear choices have a significant impact on the staying power of your pads when you read “Fabrics, Undergarments, and the Pad Attachment Adhesive in Disposable Hygiene.”


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