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Elastic Adhesives in Disposable Hygiene Products

As disposable hygiene products such as baby care pants and pull-ups for adults continue to evolve, the use of elastic strands and adhesives play an integral role in enabling the latest trends. But not all adhesives are created equal, and not every adhesive works with every elastic. 

Choosing the right elastic attachment adhesive for your disposable hygiene products can support consumer confidence in leakage protection, fit, and discretion. It can also assist with operational efficiencies and cost savings. For example, time and money can both be saved by using one adhesive for a variety of high stress applications such as:

  • Elastic waist bands
  • Elastic leg cuffs
  • Tab/ear attachment

What to look for in an elastic adhesive

From adaptability across a range of nozzles to easy clean-up, choosing the right elastic adhesive is a significant decision. Among the top things to take into consideration are:

  • Powerful creep resistance performance to provide consumers with a comfortable stretch that eases back into place time and again without allowing the elastic strands to slip or loosen
  • Excellent shear strength to help prevent tabs/ears or elastic strands from detaching
  • Flexibility to use a wide range of substrates to support softness in diapers and absorbent underwear-like products 

There are also a number of other important factors to consider. Among them are cost, product design, and specific manufacturing or production line settings. 

Knowing what to look for in an elastic adhesive can play an important role in your absorbent articles’ current and future success in the disposable hygiene market.


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