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The complex designs used to create many of today’s disposable hygiene products— whether for baby care, adult incontinence, or feminine hygiene—are enabled by the use of various adhesives. Construction adhesives play a significant role in supporting their performance and integrity. 


What are construction adhesives?

Construction adhesives are hot melt adhesives. They are applied in a molten state and set as they cool. In disposable hygiene products, manufacturers should generally look for construction adhesives that demonstrate excellent peel and/or shear strength. These properties can retain the integrity of the article during use. 


Where and why are construction adhesives used?

In a diaper, for example, there may be more than a dozen applications where one might use a construction adhesive. Each may have its own performance and application criteria. Their roles can include, but are not limited to:



  • Helping prevent core shifting
  • Holding the acquisition distribution layer (ADL) in place
  • Stabilising the core matrix 
  • Sealing the core wrap, if one is used
  • Bonding materials to prevent shifting
  • Attaching ear tabs

The right construction adhesive(s) can also allow greater operational efficiency by helping to reduce waste and unscheduled interruptions. Additionally, you may experience greater adaptability with current and new designs by expanding your substrate and supply options. 


To learn more about construction adhesives, consider requesting our Adhesives 101 training session and read our article about what to look for in a construction adhesive.