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Ours has long been an industry devoted to single-use products. And yet, we believe the absorbent hygiene industry can and should support sustainability. At Bostik, we are working to meet the needs of the consumer whilst enhancing circularity in our products and processes. 

We consider it behaving ‘Responsibly for Hygiene,’ and here’s what it means to us:

At Bostik, we understand your needs as a hygiene manufacturer. We are here to share our technological expertise and insights gained through partnerships with global leaders. Wherever you are in your own sustainability process, we will help you meet your operational and product goals for corporate social responsibility (CSR). In doing so, we can work together to fulfil the sustainable ambitions of your consumers.

Supporting CSR among our industry partners

‘Responsibly for Hygiene’ includes holistic sustainable solutions, a suite of resources, and support for companies like yours in the hygiene industry. We offer: Plus, as a Bostik customer, you can also take advantage of Bostik Academy. This online resource and reference centre includes preferential access to Bostik exclusive whitepapers, webinars, glossaries, video recordings, and more. It is all available to you anytime, anywhere, on any device. Login or request access now. 
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Learn more about Bostik’s ‘Seven Ways to Help Enhance Your Absorbent Hygiene Business’.

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