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A product line designed around you and your needs ... that is what you get with Bostik. As your single source for adhesive used in diapers, pads, pant-style articles, and more, our products include hot-melts for all your application needs:

  • Construction
  • Elastic attachment
  • Core
  • Pad attachment
  • Wetness indicator

Looking for a core adhesive to improve integrity and leak protection? We have it.

An elastic attachment adhesive with high creep resistance? Just ask.

Low-residue pad placement adhesive and quick-responding wetness indicator? We have those, too. And the list goes on.


The Connected Product Line™ from Bostik

But we take it a step further. Each adhesive has been specially evaluated with your business needs in mind: 

  • Improved profitability
  • Operational efficiency
  • Consumer confidence
  • Social responsibility

… all the elements you need to manufacture absorbent hygiene products that create value for you, and your consumer.

With our Connected Product Line™, you will receive the right adhesive for your application and business goals. Additionally, our internal teams have the resources, test methods, and proven results to make solid recommendations backed by data. This allows us to help you select the perfect option to optimise your products and your production line. 

Get the adhesives you need, all in one place. That’s Bostik.


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