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What is a bio-based product?

A bio-based product is any product that contains some amount of bio-based material within it. This is a material which is wholly or partly derived from living matter (biomass) such as plants and animals.

Bio-based materials fall under different categories including biopolymers, biochemicals, biofibers, bioplastics, etc.

Why use bio-based materials?  

Bio-based materials offer sustainability and quality without compromise. Derived from renewable sources, our bio-based materials are an infinite resource unlike fossil-based ones. Their extraction usually requires less energy than crude oil resources. Also, most bio-based materials can capture carbon as they grow and retain it in their product form until they get disposed of.

Pine resin on pine tree


Wind turbines in natural landscape

Less energy

Lower CO2 emissions

Less CO2

What are their limitations?

While bio-based materials have clear advantages, it's important to acknowledge their limitations. Factors such as potential land use issues, competition with food crops, and energy-intensive processing can pose challenges. At Bostik, we are attentive to these challenges and take proactive measures to ensure they don't impact our products through careful sourcing, supply and responsible production methods.

What type of bio-based materials do we use?

At Bostik, we use bio-based materials in our adhesives and sealants for the construction and consumer market. Bio-based materials we use range from pine resin, potato and corn starch, rapeseed oil and natural latex.

One example is our STIX A800 PREMIUM which contains 32% of bio-based content* deriving from pine resin and natural latex.


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Is there any impact on performance?

At Bostik, we take performance seriously. Our commitment to excellence extends to our bio-based materials.  We are meticulous in ensuring that our products meet or surpass ISO performance standards. Through rigorous testing, we ensure that our bio-based products not only meet but often exceed performance benchmarks.

How can I know if a Bostik product contains bio-based materials?

Our products show a specific ‘bio-based content’ logo mentioning the exact % of bio-based content.

They are tested by Eurofins under EN 16640 European standard.

Our construction portfolio gathers a wide range of products with bio-based content. Here is a small selection to give you an overview.

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