Brands and countries

As part of its climate plan, Arkema has signed long term renewable energy agreements for its sites in Calvert City (Kentucky), Beaumont (Texas), Chatham (Virginia) and West Chester (Pennsylvania), as well as for all Bostik sites in the United States.

By the end of 2024, Arkema is expected to obtain approximately 40% of the power needed to run its operations in the United States from renewable sources after signing deals with energy providers Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Entergy and 3Degrees. This is a major milestone in the Group’s decarbonization goal to reduce its Scopes 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 48.5% by 2030 versus 2019.

TVA and Entergy are expected to supply, respectively, an estimated 35 GWh/year and
60 GWh/year of electricity from solar energy to Calvert City and Beaumont. 3Degrees is expected to supply green e-certified renewable electricity certificates for the decarbonization of approximately 57 GWh/year of electricity for the Chatham and West Chester sites, as well as for all Bostik facilities in the United States.

Arkema had previously signed other deals to provide renewable energy at its sites in Clear Lake and Bayport, Texas.

"These achievements are major steps on Arkema's path towards Net Zero," said Tony O’Donovan, President of Arkema Inc. "We will continue to develop similar partnerships to help the Group reach its climate plan targets.”