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In creating and protecting a space full of objects and materials that are prone to fire or any catastrophic occurrence, passive fire protection can be confusing, and at times be a crucial component to the overall protection system of your asset. To avoid these unnecessary outcomes, construction experts must know very well that they shouldn’t risk not having the right tools, but instead know what courses of action to take for them to be able to prevent such consequences in order to preserve and protect resources and most importantly, human lives. 

Bostik’s Research and Development team have developed an advanced fire protection system that is better than the ordinary range of construction sealants -- Fireban ® One .

Fireban ® One is designed to seal the gaps from room to room, floor to floor to slow the spread of fire to give people time to evacuate, the fire services time to respond, and the owners a better chance at saving their investment. Bostik's Fireban ® One range complies with the latest relevant standards and works effectively to slow the spread of fire. It is also user-friendly for construction experts, allowing them to work at a quick pace and lessen their hassle of sealing joints that are located in areas which are much more difficult to be applied on. 

Having a passive fire protection system helps keep fire contained within a specified fire compartments ensuring that the load-bearing capacity of the fire-exposed structure is not reaching a critical level. This kind of protection seeks to contain fires or slow down their spread by means of fire-resistant walls, floors and doors, as well as protect critical structures such as load-bearing columns and beams from collapsing prematurely during a fire. 

So don’t risk it, BOSTIK it.