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Wall preparation products for individuals 
Thanks to our long experience and perfect control of technologies, we have been able to develop intelligent products and formulas with a high added value. From wall coatings to finishing, Bostik's range of plasters offers simple and efficient answers to all needs by covering all application areas: interior, exterior, powder, paste and for all types of substrates. Always easy and practical to use; multifunctional products save time without compromising on quality and guarantee the success of construction sites. 

The Bostik range of wall coatings therefore meets all needs, from wall repair to finishing and wants to be innovative through packaging and supply.  

Smart innovations 
Bostik never stops developing products that are always more efficient and adapted to the new expectations of a constantly changing world. Our coatings have also built up a good reputation and are applied in many areas. 

One of our recent innovations, the Lissepur coating, is a smoothing coating characterized by reducing the formaldehyde content in indoor air by up to 80%. The thermally insulating leveling coating reduces heat loss by up to 15% and reduces the feeling of a cold wall. 

Coatings for the general public 
Coatings for the general public are divided into 4 areas of application: 

  • Plaster preparation 
  • Filler 
  • Multifunctional coating 
  • Smooth coating 

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