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Choosing hotmelt technology for safe and fast bonding 

To easily address these needs, we have developed innovative adhesives for case sealing and end-of-line packaging applications that can help you.  

Available in a range of end-use application temperature and thermal stability capabilities to work across application needs, our hot melt adhesives offer: 

  • Enhanced food and consumer safety for overall quality improvement with moisture-free formulation that reduces contamination and tamper-evident sealing 
  • Increased production speeds with immediate bonding to corrugated substrates, auto-feed and fast setting capabilities 
  • Improved aesthetics due to invisible bonding  

Featured product: Kizen®

Smart Kizen® adhesives for case sealing 

Additionally, compared to conventional hot melts, our Kizen® adhesive technology is designed to:  

  • Improve package sustainability with recycle-readiness formulations that meet the European Paper Recycling Council compliance needs as well as compostable and bio-based grades to adhere to highly-recycled corrugate
  • Increase brand owner reputation protection with high bonding performance up to 60%* (fiber tear providing tamper evidence) 
  • Decrease cost-in-use due to coating weight reduction up to -50%* 
  • Enhance workability with ergonomic, light and easy prehension bags (<15 kg) 
  • Reduce pop-opens and equipment maintenance issues with strong bond strength and low stringing and nozzle clogging formulations 

*Compared to conventional hot melts 

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