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Smart adhesives for envelope closing tapes

Fortunately, Bostik's envelope closing tape adhesives, based on hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives, make it easy. Our solutions, ideal for courier bags, poly mailers, paper mailers and padded mailers, offer:

  • Good adhesion and cohesion across a variety of substrates, including low surface energy, such as LPDE and PE, as well as recycled materials to keep the package securely sealed
  • High and low temperature resistance as well as no oil migration, bleeding and staining on LDPE bags especially to ensure protect safety during transit and storage
  • Fast set speeds in less than 10 seconds to streamline operations and maintain high output volumes
  • TMLI-approved recyclable and repulpable options as well as compostable, biodegradable and bio-based solutions to reduce landfill waste

Featured product: Thermogrip® 4185

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