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Durable and environmentally-friendly sealant solutions make moves in APAC transport industry; cutting-edge addition to Bostik’s Silane-modified Sealant Products (SMP) line-up.

Shanghai, July 26 2021 – Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist, is introducing its new series of GCR adhesive and sealant solutions for the transport industry, as the company continues to expand its feature rich line-up of Silane-modified Sealant Products (SMPs).

Designed specifically for use in the burgeoning Asia transport market, the new GCR series is a range of general bonding and sealing products for use in rail and non-rail other general transportation markets. The launch will enable Bostik to be well positioned in this business that is being driven by new infrastructure development in emerging countries and steady demand for higher quality solutions.

Notable for their environmentally-friendly formula and highly reliable performance, the state-of-the-art GCR series across rail, bus, trucks and RVs, expands Bostik’s long line of innovations designed to cater to the important Asia-Pacific (APAC) transport markets, in the company’s bid to boost market share and achieve 2M Euro sales Become most preferred sealant for the GCR series.

With over 130 years of adhesives expertise, Bostik develops a full line of smart adhesive solutions that are safer, more flexible, efficient and responsive to the dynamic challenges of the environment. The new GCR series boasts green credentials thanks to its non-isocyanate ingredients. This primerless solution allows for greater operation efficiency with reduced odor for the user, while its high elastic resilience offers outstanding fatigue and vibration resistance for unrivalled performance.

“The rising global demand for smart adhesives and sealants in both the rail and non-rail other general transportation markets means that we have to keep innovating to sustain the growth of the transport manufacturing industry,” said Mr. Adam Lin, Regional Business Director, Transportation, Bostik Industrial Adhesives APAC. “Bostik offers the widest range of transport adhesive solutions and with this new GCR series designed for customers in Asia, we are upholding our reputation for creating modern products that are tailored for a range of critical usages.”

Durability meets performance

The GCR series is made up of Silane-modified Sealant Products (SMP), which offer a number of unique features and benefits. As methoxy silane end-capped polymers, SMPs are cured simply by absorbing moisture present in the air, while a cross-linking net structure formed by hydrolytic polycondensation ensures excellent stability and aging resistance, including resistance from UV and high temperatures at 110-120℃.

Products such as GCR 506 may be completed by addingreplacing a typical PU sealant and offer excellent bonding performance without the need for a primer, allowing users to boost productivity with reduced odors thanks to its innovative and industry-leading zero NCO, zero PVC and low corrosion formula, which also prevents electrochemical corrosion and guarantees passenger safety once a vehicle is operational.

The GCR series is the smart industry choice in Asia for other reasons too. It remains stable with a shelf life of over 12 months (18 months in hard tube packing), while its high elasticity minimizes the risk of deformation, and remains paintable while wet without affecting the curing rate.

Featuring excellent adhesion strength and extraordinary sealing and appearance performance, the GCR series is particularly suited for the China market, overcoming the deficiencies of conventional products used at high-speed production lines with no sagging, excelling aging performance, and competitive cost-in-use value. This latest innovation stands as the perfect choice for big brands that use Industry 4.0 production lines, as well as smaller companies that have stringent requirements in banding strength, sealing, and appearance performance.

“The new GCR series are further evidence of Bostik’s unwavering dedication to developing smart adhesive solutions that improve the lives of all industry stakeholders in China,” said Mr. Adam Lin, Regional Business Director, Transportation, Bostik Industrial Adhesives APAC. “Bostik understands the requirements of the China market and will continue to create smart solutions that make leading moves in the transport market.”