Suppressing residual moisture in subfloors

In subfloors with readings in excess of 75% relative humidity (RH), the use of surface membranes will suppress residual moisture, which can dramatically shorten project schedules.


Bostik's damp proof membranes provide essential moisture mitigation and suppression for subfloors, helping to protect your installation for years to come.

Fast-tracking floor preparation

Bostik understands that flooring installers need to suppress moisture as quickly as possible before applying primers, self-levelling compounds, adhesives and floor coverings. This is especially true with commercial project work in retail outlets, hospitals and schools, where installation deadlines are critical. That is why our damp proof membranes have fast cure rates that accelerate the process, allowing the application of a full flooring preparation system faster than ever before.

Smart benefits

Bostik's surface membrane solutions offer many benefits, saving you time and providing flexibility across a wide range of installation projects: 

  • Faster cure rate: enabling floor coverings to be installed earlier in construction projects
  • Moisture mitigation: extremely good resistance to residual moisture vapour
  • Versatility: suitable for all kinds of project work, from hospitals and schools to commercial and residential buildings
  • Professional grade: special additives provide excellent adhesion properties and one-coat systems

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