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Prepare for Faster, Smarter Flooring Installations

Our subfloor range provides a full system including; damp proof membranes, primers, subfloor repair mortars and smoothing compounds, which have all been developed to enable the modern flooring contractor to overcome the many challenges found on sites today.

Effective subfloor preparation ensures the highest quality floor finishes. Even the best design and flooring materials will have a poor result if the subfloor is not properly prepared. These easy-to-use solutions combine to accelerate floor preparation, helping you achieve faster, smarter, more secure installations.

Bostik products are formulated to meet the most demanding projects, whether you need smoothing for floor coverings that telegraph the slightest surface imperfections, crack bridging or crack isolation for durability and longevity, or a membrane for excessive moisture. That is why you will find Bostik technologies under the floors of some of the world’s most iconic buildings.

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