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Improved performance with a range of membranes tailored for specific applications 

Fortunately, the right breathable membrane films can address these challenges. Our monolithic membranes based on polyurethane, polyester and Pebax® films provide:

  • Increased durability under harsh environmental conditions with wind and waterproof properties and high and low temperature and washing resistance 
  • Heightened end user comfort due to noise-free, flexible and soft touch qualities 
  • Improved overall sustainability through compatibility with nylon and PET materials recycling stream 
  • Enhanced end-user safety with OEKO-TEX® certification and no CMR labelling 

Learn how Arkema High Performance Polymer has developed Pebax® Rnew® partially bio-based material that combine sustainability and high-performance for membranes in the sports and textile industry.  

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Learn about monolithic films that are impervious to liquids (water) but permeable to gases (water vapor)

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