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Smart solutions for textile lamination

Fortunately, the right adhesive can address these concerns for both wet and dry textile lamination needs. Our range of liquid hot melt and reactive hot melt (HMPUR) adhesives are ideal for wet lamination applications, offering: 

  • Improved durability due to excellent resistance to heat, washing and environmental factors 
  • Heightened product quality due to high breathability and haptics, especially when applied in dots 
  • Increased adhesion and design versatility due to compatibility with difficult, low-surface energy substrates 

For dry lamination applications, we recommend our range of web and powder adhesives, which provide: 

  • Maximized productivity due to fast setting, no curing time and easy application 
  • Enhanced sustainability with improved end-of-line management and recycling opportunities 
  • Improved worker and end-user safety due to no harmful chemical ingredients 

Featured product: Supergrip 90LE

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