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Smart adhesives for instant repair

Our innovative, instant repair adhesives based on a variety of technologies, such as two-component polyurethane and two-component methyl methacrylate (MMA) as well as ECA and MECA formulations, make it easy to conduct part repairs without needing a full replacement. 

When using a two-component polyurethane, you can:

  • Streamline production efficiencies and reduce number of references with immediate adhesion to multiple substrates and short driveaway time 
  • Extend product shelf-life with both strong bonding and high flexibility

When using a two-component MMA, you can:

  • Improve processes with primerless adhesion and the ability to bond to difficult plastics  
  • Increase passenger comfort with low odour formulations

When using an ECA or MECA-based Born2Bond™ adhesives, you can:

  • Enhance aesthetics with quality finish and low blooming 
  • Increase efficiencies with gel consistency for application in in any orientation and immediate sandability  

Featured product: XPU 20102

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