Brands and countries

After two years of hard work, Bostik is proud to announce its new brand story and framework: ATTACHED TO YOUR WORLD.

The new brand signature represents Bostik's commitment to sustainable and customer oriented innovation. By being Attached to your World, we are in touch with our stakeholders and their particular needs and objectives, and therefore are able to create tailored smart solutions for their particular challenges.

As the adhesive division of Arkema, we are deeply attached to our parent company, so we have taken this opportunity to reinforce our commitment to the values of the Group: Performance, Accountability, Solidarity and Simplicity, that are the backbone of what we do, and of who we are.

In addition to the new brand signature and alignment with the Arkema values, we also created an employee engagement campaign meant to celebrate the Bostik team members. Over 6,000 Bostik employees across 50 countries were invited to join in the celebration by receiving a surprise t-shirt and taking a picture in their daily working environment. We connected the photographs to create a unique piece of artwork of the Bostik Team.

The #StickingTogether artwork was conceived in collaboration with Alexandra Mory Bejar, and based on the artistic photographic project "s.e.w.n. into the world".

Find out more about the Sticking Together campaign here:

Sticking Together