Brands and countries


the project

The #StickingTogether campaign aims to celebrate the collective spirit and teamwork that is characteristic of Bostik.
We have uniquely amazing teams, and we wanted to showcase them in a unique piece of artwork. All 6.000 of us are essential pieces of the Bostik puzzle, and through individual photographs, we connect to create a giant fresco, which gives equal value to the individuals and the collective. 

6000 employees

Over 6,000 Bostik employees across 50 countries were invited to join in the celebration by putting on their t-shirt and showing what it means to be part of the Bostik Team! 

Interactive gallery

We want to honor the differences that make us one of a kind, by celebrating you, celebrating us, celebrating the whole Bostik Team!

Take a look at the big picture or explore it in detail. Tap in name and city to meet the uniqueness within the Bostik puzzle.

Making of

The #StickingTogether artwork was conceived in collaboration with Alexandra Bejar, and based on the artistic photographic project "S.E.W.N INTO THE WORLD". Everyone in the Bostik teams participated by receiving a surprise t-shirt and taking a picture in their daily working environment, bearing testament of the diversity and engagement that makes us who we are. 


the artist

S.E.W.N. (South East West North) is an art project that explores identity and the union between people and our world created by Alexandra Bejar with the participation of Dorota Stanczyk. Mixing photography, design and philosophy, S.E.W.N. brings people together with their surroundings, encourages exploration and drives the S.E.W.N. message "We are One". Each model poses at a precise GPS Coordinate wearing a t-shirt on which is printed the background taken from another photo shot upstream at the very same place. Thus, the model finds himself " S.E.W.N. into the world".


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