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A highly effective primer, bonding agent, dustproofer and adhesive
Product overview
Suitable for a wide range of building jobs, Bostik PVA is a highly effective primer, bonding agent, dustproofer and adhesive.

Use as a primer to improve adhesion to porous or difficult surfaces prior to plastering, or as a sealer to reduce dusting of concrete and plaster surfaces.

Bostik PVA is suitable for interior use in dry service conditions and will bond most building materials, provided one of the surfaces has a degree of porosity e.g. timber, plywood, block board, chipboard, fibreboard, expanded polystyrene, polyurethane foam, insulating board, brick, concrete, stone, and slate.
Geographic availability
  • Europe

Smart Advantages

For plastering, rendering, bonding, sealing and dustproofing
Improves adhesion and bond strength
Ready to use and suitable for interior use