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When applying stone tiles to a wall or floor, it is important to take special care in selecting the proper installation material system. Any mishaps during installation can have lasting effects on the visual impact of stone tiles, and ultimately, the space in which they're being installed. Therefore, eliminating the risk of stains and blemishes from water or more acidic liquids is key.

Our natural stone tile adhesive products are polymer-modified to meet the complex demands that come with natural stone materials.

Due to the extreme rigidity of stone tile, it is important to select a stone tile adhesive that is somewhat flexible yet still provides superior bond strength. With this in mind, most of our natural stone tile adhesive products are polymer-modified.

If you are using uncalibrated materials for your stone tile, our thick-bed adhesives are ideal. They provide full coverage of even the most awkward surface areas and, with a thickness of up to 25mm, help you achieve rustic-looking stone installations with ease.

We also provide water-resistant adhesives. Neglecting the use of a specific shower tile adhesive can cause warping, curling or even discoloration of natural stone and tile over the life of the installation.

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