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Project overview

This was a new build school project, measuring 8000 sq m over 3 floors.  All floors were a sand/cement screed and after site inspection and moisture testing a specification was drawn up to mechanically prepare the surface of the subfloor and thoroughly vacuum before applying two coats of Bostik Hytec A370 Rapid surface damp proof membrane.  Bostik SL C320 Ardasol was then pump applied directly to this surface at an average depth of 5mm.  In some areas, the floors required to be built up by approx. 20mm; this was carried out using Bostik SL C740 Fibre Maxi.  The floor coverings were then installed using Bostik Stix adhesives throughout.


Each visit saw an area of 2000sqm completed with Bostik Hytec A370 Rapid and Bostik SL C320 Ardasol in 2 days,  meaning the entire 8000sqm area was completed with DPM and SLC in 8 days.


Products used

Bostik Hytec A370 Rapid, Bostik SL C320 Ardasol, Bostik SL C740 Fibre Maxi, Bostik Stix A300 Multi, Bostik Stix A800 Premium, Bostik Roll