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Project overview

This was a refurbishment of an existing building, measuring approx. 1500sqm.  The design team had raised concerns that there was no effective radon barrier in the building and they didn’t know how to solve the problem without removing the entire floor.  A call to the architect and a site visit later we were able to put forward a specification of 2 x coats of Bostik Hytec E336 Extreme to act as a surface damp proof membrane and also as a radon barrier.  Details on the products were approved by the design team and the project was given the go-ahead.  The floors required heavy mechanical preparation to remove all old coatings/SLC etc from the surface to expose the original subfloor throughout.  Any cracks present in the floors were repaired using Bostik Reno P520 Easy resin and then a 2 coat application of Bostik Hytec E336 Extrem was applied at a rate of 400g/sqm per coat.  Once cured the surface was primed using Bostik Grip A936 Express primer and then approx. 10mm of Bostik SL C740 Fibre Maxi SLC installed.


The design team were very impressed with this system and have now taken this on board for any future projects they may have.  Having certification that the Bostik Hytec E336 can be used as a radon barrier was vital to securing this project.


Products used

Bostik Reno P520 Easy, Bostik Hytec E336 Extreme, Bostik Grip A936 Express, Bostik SL C740 Fibre Maxi.