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Project overview

This was a project that encompassed 4 x Peugeot car dealerships throughout the Munster region.  All buildings had been constructed at the same time and all required a refurbishment of the showroom areas.

Site visits and moisture testing was carried out at all locations and a specification provides for the same system to be installed at all locations.

Channels were cut into the floors to accommodate new electrical points.  The existing ceramic tiles were removed and the floors diamond grinded to remove the existing adhesive residues.  The channels were filled flush with the existing floor levels using Bostik SL C920 Reno ST which was left to fully cure.  The floors were then primed using Bostik Grip A526 Universal Primer before Bostik SL C740 Fibre Maxi was applied over the whole area at depths from 5mm to 25mm to provide a surface suitable to receive large format tiles. 

The new tiles were laid onto this surface using Bostik MC280 Med Set tile adhesive and finished with Bostik J115 Grout and the matching coloured Bostik S115 Silicone.

This has now become the standard specification for all Peugeot dealerships in Ireland when they require refurbishment.


Products used

Bostik SL C920 Reno ST, Bostik Grip A526 Universal, Bostik SL C740 Fibre Maxi, Bostik MC280 Med Set, Bostik J115 Grout, Bostik S115 Silicone