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Food and consumer goods manufacturers have a lot to work on: invent recipes, select quality raw materials, create user-friendly designs, fine-tune production processes for product quality and performance, and obviously maintain equipment to keep the highest level of productivity.This final step can on no account experience troubles such as line slow-down or even stops. It must run trouble-free like the rest of the production process, fast… and lean.Because no customer should care anymore of hotmelt glue, Bostik presents KizenTM :A full range of hotmelt adhesives developed in cooperation with our mother company Arkema, KizenTM addresses specific constraints of consumer goods packaging.From deep-freeze environments to hot climates, from high-speed processes to sealing of cardboard materials that are very difficult to adhere to, as well as low melting temperatures for energy saving, there is a KizenTM for each industrial need. Starting with KizenTM FORCE, our flagship product designed for difficult substrates.The KizenTM range comes in easy-handling 12 kg bags to relieve operators’ backs, while 600 kg super-sacks are available to feed fully automated lines.With KizenTM, Bostik offers Comfort, Safety and Efficiency to consumer goods manufacturers, and confirms the company’s ambition to set standards in packaging adhesives.Learn more about KizenTM in our video teaser, or write to us: