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 Bostik exhibited for the first time at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg, Germany, from 10 to 12 April 2018.
Since its inception in 2000, AIX is the world's leading event for the aircraft interiors market. It welcomes professionals from the passenger airline industry. As part of the Passenger Experience Conference, this year's AIX trade fair attracted more than 18,000 international visitors and featured over 550 exhibitors.
For the first time, Bostik presented its wide range of adhesive technologies - film, liquid and web - for interior wall panels, floors, doors, seats, decorative fixtures, laminates, thermal and acoustical insulation systems etc. This event allowed visitors to exchange with experts about their adhesive needs and learn how Bostik develops custom formulations that create the perfect bond for each application.
World-renowned flame retardant web and film adhesives were among the products displayed on the Bostik’s stand. These adhesives have been designed to provide strength, durability and safety, and they satisfy the most stringent FST requirements (flame, smoke and toxicity) for aircraft interiors. Bostik’s flame retardant webs provide excellent adhesion for skin-to-core bonding, decorative fabric construction, and upholstery and layered laminates. Aerospace manufacturers can then increase their productivity, extend product shelf life and reduce energy and operating costs.
Bostik has applied its decades of knowledge experience in the aerospace industry to create easy-to-handle film adhesives for aircraft interiors A smart choice for decorative laminate bonding, contact adhesives, veneer attachment and foam bonding, Bostik film adhesives also help manufacturers control consistency.
"It's a privilege to have our first booth at AIX," said Shawn Cissell, Business Development Manager for Aerospace. " It gives us the opportunity to bring our technologies to a global audience and show that Bostik adhesive solutions provide the right bonding solution for customers all over the world. "Discover our aerospace adhesives, and how they can help aircraft manufacturers to reach new heights in quality, safety and reliability.