Brands and countries

Bostik, an Arkema company and global adhesive leader in the construction, consumer and industrial markets, is proud to launch its new line of high-performance, thermobonding, specialty hot melt adhesives, featuring pellets, powders, webs and films, following its recent acquisitions of Prochimir and Fixatti. Ideal for durable goods markets, including automotive, building, transfer printing and textile, these solutions, combined with the company’s unique capabilities and vertically-integrated resin formulation abilities, position Bostik well to support customers’ evolving needs around the globe.

“As today’s global society evolves, placing more emphasis on sustainability and supply chain resilience, our team of experts recognised the value being a one-stop-shop, specialty hot melt solution provider would bring to our customers,” said Guillaume Desurmont, SVP Bostik, Head of the Durable Goods Global Business Unit.

“Through our Prochimir and Fixatti acquisitions, we combined our companies’ strengths to develop this new portfolio that increases productivity, heightens worker safety, enhances design flexibility and improves sustainability. In short, this unique product portfolio now allows us to better give customers solutions today that they need for tomorrow.”

Designed to enable clean and efficient production practices, Bostik’s thermobonding, specialty hot melt solutions are suited for both existing and future equipment requirements and are ideal for bonding, binding, coating and encapsulating applications. They set quickly upon heat activation to form strong, durable bonds and are available at local, regional and global levels.