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Miplafix 800

Product overview
Solvent-free acrylic adhesive with very low VOC emissions classified EC1 Plus, A+, LEED and BREEAM. Especially designed for LVT and rubber, Bostik Miplafix 800 has an high grab effect in a very short time and mechanical features allow to balance all severe ambient conditions met on sites.

It’s an universal multi-uses adhesive able to install most of the soft floorings daily met as well as the very difficult ones. It can also be used on sport facilities, shower PVC system, inside corners, PVC onto compact existing PVC. 
Complies with LEED and BREEAM requirements. LVT: in strips or tiles. PVC/vinyl floor coverings: homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC in sheet and tile, heterogeneous acoustic PVC (foam backing and VER), cork-PVC bonded coverings, polyolefin-based floor coverings, linoleum in sheet & tile, rubber flooring in sheet or tile up to 3.5mm thicknesses, expanded vinyl, semi-flexible tiles and acoustic flooring all types including linoleum or rubber.

Textiles: needlepunch with or without backing, foam-backed carpets, non-woven textile floor coverings, polypropylene (Action Bac®), natural fibre floor coverings with latex backing (coir, sisal and sea grass) and wall protective plate. For use onto subfloors of concrete, sand/cement screed, anhydrite screeds, smoothing underlayments, flooring grade plywood and timber. Recommended by main manufacturers. For interior use only.
Geographic availability
  • Israel
Available sizes
18kg (bucket)
6kg (bucket)

Smart Advantages

High bonding strength and immediate grab
Very low VOC emissions classified EC1 Plus, A+, LEED and BREEAM
Suitable for underfloor heating systems