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Bostik offers expertise across adhesive technologies to provide the right solution for any flooring manufacturing need. We offer solutions that address many product performance requirements and bonding needs for any substrate. Laminating or manufacturing capability plays a role in choosing the right adhesive solution and Bostik will support accelerating your product development cycle and help improve your production efficiency. 

Bostik offers exceptional technical service for both product testing and process support for any of our adhesive solutions.  We can help optimize laminating conditions and speed the product development cycle by utilizing our laminating equipment for prototype testing. 

As part of Arkema, we understand the intimate interaction of adhesive and substrates such as PVC and work closely with our colleagues that provide a wide range of flooring installation solutions. 

Bostik adhesives are trusted and proven across most substrates in the flooring industry, reach out to discover how our adhesives can make your product and process better.