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Windows are one of the most significant areas of a building where warmth is lost - an average house can lose up to 30 per cent of its heat through poorly insulated windows. Improving thermal efficiency allows not only to provide a more comfortable environment, but also to reduce the energy necessary to keep a building warm.

Exceed insulating glass industry standards

Bostik is one of the longest established companies in the Insulating Glass industry, boasting a 35+ year track record of quality and reliability. Our smart solutions fully comply with both the US/Canadian standard ASTM E2190 and the European standard EN 1279 Parts 2, 3, 4 & 6.

Insulating glass applications

Bostik 5000 secondary sealant

Bostik 5000 is a premium market leading hotmelt butyl sealant developed using over 35 years’ experience of hotmelt technology in insulating glass manufacture.

Suitable for use on robotic, semi-automatic and hand gunning lines, it can be used as a single seal with all spacer systems. Bostik 5000 provides excellent moisture resistance, gas permeability and flexibility, great performance at low and high temperature with no slumping or stringing, and excellent adhesion and maintenance of seal - even in extreme shock loading tests.

Bostik 2000 Polyisobutylene Primary Sealant

Bostik 2000 is a leading primary sealant for insulating glass.
It shows an excellent adhesion to spacer and glass, a very low moisture vapour transmission rate and a very low gas permeability

Bostik Hotmelt Butyl technology

Bostik’s butyl technology provides great performances as moisture and gas barrier, even in extreme conditions, thanks to a low MVTR (moisture vapour transmission rate) – around 50% lower than competitors’ products. Manufactured under ISO 9001 for quality assurance, Bostik’s butyl sealant is the smart solution for Insulating Glass.