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Designed to react with ambient moisture to create a long-lasting and firm bond, our silane modified polymer (SMP) and polyurethane (PU) adhesives represent the cutting edge of automotive bonding technology. 

 From body panel bonding to windscreen setting, our adhesives are revolutionizing the assembly of modern vehicles. If you’d like to find out more about how we can change the way your assembly line works, contact our technical team directly. 

Smart benefits

Our exterior trim adhesives allow for the quick and efficient processing of all automotive assembly fixtures. Delayed cure times in our SMP technology enable easier repositioning and handling of components, while still maintaining impressive bond strength to a wide variety of substrates. 

Conversely, our PU adhesive demonstrates excellent green strength and quick tack at application for faster assembly. This adhesive performs particularly well in creep and environmental testing, helping you meet OEM technical approval specifications.

Applications: exterior trim piece bonding


The decorative logo depicting the brand of car typically located on the front or rear of the vehicle.

Chrome treatments and accents 

Cars with chrome treatments, primarily around the edges of the glass, are often assembled with Bostik adhesives. 

Antenna sealing 

Bostik SMP adhesives provide a weather seal around the location where the antenna is bonded, preventing water leakage.

Quarterlight window assembly modules

The quarterlights on the vehicle are often pre-assembled prior to installation with gaskets, attachments, and plastic molding. Bostik SMP is able to bond these components together while reducing the amount of processing time and equipment required with other adhesives.

Technologies: automotive exterior trim adhesive

  • Silane modified polymer (SMP)
  • Polyurethane 

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