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Watershield sealant for automotive interior assembly

At Bostik we are able to produce a range of sealant solutions to meet the ever–improving performance and aesthetic requirements of today’s automotive interiors. 

We relish opportunities to work with our customers to provide smart solutions for watershield applications. If you’re interested in using our watershield sealant on your automotive assembly line or want to discuss custom formulations, contact our account team directly.

Watershield sealing

Our easy-to-apply automotive grade butyl sealants are the perfect solution for helping maintain the ingress protection from outside water sources provided by an automotive watershield.

With their synthetic rubber butyl base, our hot melt sealants are highly flexible and impermeable. They are permanently plastic and tacky and will not dry or crack, making them the perfect choice for sealing an automotive component tasked with protecting the electrical components of the door.

In addition, our watershield sealants offer excellent heat and humidity resistance, and do not require a primer for steel or aluminum substrates.

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