Brands and countries

A specially developed marine sealant range delivering the very best in quality and compliance with the strictest requirements and industry standards.

The shipbuilding industry is driven forward largely by innovation and many shipbuilders are scanning the horizon for stable, reliable partners. In the domain of adhesive bonding and sealing methods, we are well-known as a strategic partner to shipbuilders all over the world. 

Our product range covers a complete line of sealants for the (super) yacht and commercial ship building industry. Used by specialists for construction joints, sealing bulkheads, fittings, trims, portholes and various other applications, you can be sure we’ve got the right marine sealant, whatever your project. 

Bostik is also a market leader in adhesives for bonding and sealing the wide range of fabrics and materials used in the construction of inflatable boats for military, rescue and leisure uses.

Our customers benefit from our broad range of multi-purpose adhesives and sealants - many of which make use of our innovative silyl modified polymer (SMP) technology - as well as our easily-sandable and strong deck caulking products and our widely-used and respected fire-retardant sealing solutions. 

Smart innovations

Our comprehensive and balanced range of highly specialized products covers numerous applications and renowned products. Innovative sealant solutions, such as our FireSeal joint sealant, our mold resistant MSR CA solution for sealing tiling and wet rooms, and our SSKF sealant for sealing windows, are all defining the way ships are built.


At Bostik, we understand that quality is paramount in high performance environments like the yacht and shipbuilding industry. That’s why we obtain independent, objective certification for our products in accordance with international standards. 

The majority of our products for the marine sector have been certified by several independent notified bodies and comply with the stringent requirements laid down in the European Marine Equipment Directive (MED). 

Certified products can be recognized by the CE logo, which offers proof that the product has passed the IMO tests for low flame spread. 

Our Simson MSR CA (sskf) products have also been tested and certified according to DNV-GL structural glazing procedures - approved as class A and B adhesives for nautical window bonding.

Our product quality is ensured by regular control of the quality systems implemented in our development and production facilities.