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Floor bonding installation adhesive for railcar manufacturers and rolling stock maintenance

At Bostik, we’re at the forefront of floor bonding installation adhesives. Unlike traditional mechanical fixings, our rolling stock adhesives are anti-vibration. They create isolation between the floor and the vibrating structure of the train, resulting in a smoother, quieter environment for passengers. 

Our innovative, specially formulated range of silyl modified polymer adhesive (SMP) products for railcar floor bonding applications are easy to extrude and can be easily tooled for a great finish. 

We take pride in finding the right formulation for our customers. If you’d like to discuss how we can personally meet your RTV sealant and RTV adhesive needs, contact our technical team directly.

Floor bonding installation adhesive for railcar manufacturers: adhesive technologies

Modern train floors can be made from wood, composite material or honeycomb aluminum. Bonding the floor to the metal frame improves the assembly process and enhances the overall quality of ride for the passenger.

Bonded floors provide improved vibration management and acoustic control while eliminating maintenance issues arising from mechanical fastening, which can lead to damaged floor panels and moisture and water ingress into the subfloor. 

Our smart railcar floor bonding adhesives cover a range of beneficial characteristics for rolling stock manufacturers. We’ve developed products that provide choice in curing times and methods, green strength and precision placement of substrates. We have even formulated a floor bonding adhesive in anticipation of upcoming changes to European standards in fire retardancy (EN45545) while meeting and exceeding NFPA 103 standards for smoke, flame and toxicity. 


Floor bonding 


Railcar floors are designed in three configurations: bonded floating floors, bonded floors and mechanically fastened floors. Floating floors use a foam layer between the steel frame and the floor; these systems are 100% bonded to deliver the desired vibration performance. The level of vibration isolation and sound deadening is related to the design of the floor. Floating floors provide the best performance, followed by bonded floors, and lastly mechanically fastened floors.


General sealing 


Modern rail car floor components are designed to last for 15 to 20 years, sometimes longer. Bostik adhesives seal the components together after assembly to prevent wear and tear and moisture leakage from the environment and passenger traffic. The sealing process also improves the durability of the vehicle, while bringing significant aesthetic benefits. 

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