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Headlight bonding adhesive for railcar manufacturers and rolling stock maintenance

Our team of specialist engineers create railcar adhesives for headlight bonding and sealing that help you keep pace with the competition and stay ahead of regulatory changes in the rail industry.

Our comprehensive range of SMP adhesives covers a spectrum of viscosities. This means with Bostik headlight adhesives, you are given a choice when it comes to bond strength and workability, helping you find the perfect solution to your railcar assembly needs. 

We relish a challenge, and working with customers to produce innovative adhesive solutions is what we do best. So, if you want to discuss special railcar adhesive formulations, or the specifics of using any of our products, contact our technical team.

Headlight bonding for railcar manufacturers: adhesive technologies

Our headlight bonding adhesives for railway rolling stock demonstrate an impressive range of characteristics, helping you find the ideal adhesive for the job. 

In contrast to the polyurethane products offered by many adhesive manufacturers, our headlight bonding and sealing solutions utilize innovative silyl modified polymer (SMP) chemistries. 

Our SMP RTV sealants and RTV adhesives are primerless on most substrates and possess excellent UV resistance and easy workability. In addition, they are environmentally-friendly, sandable, paintable and moisture resistant, making SMP adhesives a smart choice for railway stock headlight bonding and sealing, as well as many other applications in railcar assembly.

These flexible adhesives strike the perfect balance, providing the weather seals to protect against water as well as the flexibility and strength needed to meet the growth and expansion demands of temperature swings and flexing panels.  

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