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Smart floor sealant for internal and external railcar assembly

At Bostik, we are committed to providing you with smart solutions that make your engineering more efficient – significantly reducing man-hours, materials, and the manufacturing steps needed to achieve optimal results. 

Choosing a Bostik sealant for your railcar floor will drastically reduce labour time for installations. Our range of cutting-edge railcar floor sealants can be used on a variety of train car substrates, for both interior and exterior seam-sealing and gap-filling applications.

Should you wish to enquire about more specific formulations for your rolling stock, we are always happy to provide a technical consultation. Contact the Bostik support team for more information.

Railcar floor sealant: applications

Like many of our innovative rail adhesives, our solutions for railcar floor sealing are based on silyl modified polymer technology. These smart SMP products work proactively to prevent ageing, corrosion, and damage caused by moisture migration, providing stability and a good aesthetic finish. 

From the sealing of your railcar floor components after assembly, to securing the overlapping or welded seams between your floor panels, coverings and ship lap joints, we have specially engineered our SMP floor sealants to fill even the narrowest of gaps, seams and holes. This guarantees uniform adhesion across your vehicle’s floor space, ensuring a stable and sturdy surface for your passengers. 

Unlike automotive filler, there is very little chance of our sealant cracking. It stays elastic enough to flex and accommodate the movements of the train carriage, maintaining a tight seal.

Our industrial floor sealants are also incredibly versatile. From sprayable low-viscosity solutions that double as a vibration-resistant coating, to gunnable SMPs that come in-dual component and slow-skin formulations, Bostik products are designed to provide the highest possible performance for your unique application demands.

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