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Windshield adhesive for railcar manufacturers and general rolling stock maintenance

From locomotive engineers to railcar manufacturers, strong and reliable installation of a train windshield is always a primary concern for those working with railway rolling stock. At Bostik, we know that smart, meticulous window assembly contributes a great deal to the overall safety of the cockpit. 

It is imperative that your installation not only has a strong bond, but will also be able to bear the brunt of adverse weather conditions, from consistently high wind pressures to a range of temperatures.

Our engineers have built innovative solutions to provide your railcar with a technological advantage. Ensure your windshield installation does not shrink, chalk or crack for years down the line by contacting Bostik’s technical team and asking about our bond strength and thermal expansion calculators.

Windshield adhesive for railcar manufacturers: adhesive technologies

Bostik’s specialized glazing adhesive range consists exclusively of silyl modified polymers. These smart products are moisture-cured, and dependent upon humidity to initiate the bonding process. 

Unlike conventional polyurethane adhesives, Bostik SMPs are isocyanate and solvent free, providing a healthy working environment for your employees.

With their exceptional UV and moisture resistance, easy workability, and their capacity for sanding and painting, it’s no wonder that the rail industry is capitalizing upon the usage of SMP solutions. 

We have specifically manufactured our glass adhesive substances to harbor incredible green strength and high tack, making them ideal for working with glass as well as lightweight, fuel-efficient composites.  

Furthermore, Bostik’s award-winning SMPs are able to bond to a variety of substrates, making them a versatile tool that can effectively secure almost any windshield installation.


Whether you decide to glue your windows directly onto the cockpit panel, or bolt a pre-made glass assembly onto the cockpit, Bostik can assist you in both methods of installation. 

Contact our technical team for any queries on rolling stock maintenance. 

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