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Consumer Goods Packaging Solutions

Bostik is a global industry specialist with high skilled resources, assets and tailor-made solutions dedicated to Consumer Goods business.

Change for Better

We are striving to offer smart innovations you will adopt easily with both immediate and medium term durable benefits.

We have many examples of customers who have implemented our high performance case sealing hot melt, Kizen®, in less than 1 hour and have seen immediately more than 10% adhesive volume savings.  

Our Kizen® range has been inspired by the KAIZEN (change for better) continuous improvement methodology, well known in the industry.


Bostik enables you to simplify your operations and leverage a success of one plant to all your facilities with our global network organization.

Our product ranges have been designed to be comprehensive, narrow and available all over the world, with high service standards.

Choose our best tamper evidence bonding solutions, reduce your supply workload and improve your working capital indicators with our strong adhesion and versatile Kizen® technology. 


Protect People

Taking into account all your packaging requirements (geographical market, design, …) our regulatory experts & chemists are committed to provide you the most advanced adhesive solutions, meaning products and detailed studies, analysis & certificates for your demanding business (Food, Pharmaceutical, …).


Save Costs

Changing of adhesive is a good opportunity to make cost savings. Our innovative Kizen® range benefits from the cutting edge polyolefin technologies to reduce adhesive costs without comprosing on performance and safety.  View the KIZEN Cost Comparator to explore your savings potential.

Save Resources & Energy

Our Consumer Goods adhesives, especially the Kizen® range, are made to contribute positively to reach the United Nations Sustainable Goal N°12.

Following European Paper Recycling Council recommendations, Kizen enables to improve the adhesive removability score (>70%) from recycled fiber, compared to scores <20%. in line with the Ingede 12 protocol and if the adhesive is applied under a layer thickness above 120 microns and an horizontal dimension of application (in either dimension) superior to 1,6 mm).

Kizen® reduces recycled fiber pollution compared to adhesives made intentionally with mineral oils.

Up to 40% of bio-sourced or renewable materials are incorporated in some of our products to reduce usage of fossils.

Kizen® can reduce your adhesive usage in comparaison to EVA and metallocenes conventional hot melt technologies.

We have also developed high performance labeling and palletizing solutions to avoid using plastic wrapping around bottles and around secondary packaging.

Contact our technical service team to learn more.


Save Energy

Using less adhesive enables to reduce energy consumption by 10 to 20%.

We enable you to go one step further in lowering the application temperature by 20 to 30%, please more details to our technical service team bout our low application temperature hot melts.