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A wide choice for rigid packaging

Our range of adhesives for rigid packaging is composed of water-based adhesives for paper and carton converting, and hotmelt adhesives for case sealing and tray erecting. Our product are designed to cover a wide range of temperature of use, and to adhere to many surfaces. With our formulations, you can rely on products adapted to your production lines, with differenciated open and set times.

Water-based adhesives

Water based are used for paper and cardboard lamination, case and carton sealing, carton tubes manufacturing and paper bag assembly. You will find in the Bostik range formulas optimized for your application process, with cylinders, wheels, or with nozzles (with or without contact), on different substrates.

Hotmelt adhesives

Hotmelt adhesives are suitable for standard applications, at low temperature, but also for deep freeze packaging, special packaging, high temperatures shipping or hot-fill packaging. Their fast set time allows to use them on high-speed lines or on high memory corrugate.