Wallflex Hytherm

    Wallflex Hytherm is thermal insulation coating for construction industry.

    Key Features

    • Eco-friendly (save air conditioner energy)
    • Reduces the extremes of temperature inside buildings where air conditioning is not available
    • Beauty and waterproof all in one and remains elastomeric to cover hairline cracks
    • Very good resistance to UV, dirt pickup and mould growth

    Thermal insulation coating

    Wallflex Hytherm is a water based, elastomeric membrane coating that is specifically designed to provide thermal insulation properties. It has a slight satin lustre for an exceptionally durable waterproof yet breathable coating that is highly decorative and allows for some building movement without cracking. Wallflex Hytherm can be tinted to a wide range of colours.

    Wallflex Hytherm is formulated with a special vehicle and pigmentation that provides exceptional durability, adhesion and water impermeability under extremes of climatic conditions and atmospheric pollution.

    Wallflex Hytherm can significantly reduce internal temperatures due to its thermal insulation properties and its reflectivitiy (using light colours). The unique thermal insulation properties come from the use of specific grades of vitreous and ceramic spheres (the same technique as used on the re-entry heat shields of space craft). These spheres are hollow and possess extremely low heat conductivity while exhibiting high compressive strength.

    Technical Data Sheet

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