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Smart adhesives for reclosable packaging 

With Bostik’s reclosable packaging adhesives for thermoformed trays, it becomes easy to accomplish your goals and address your pain points. Based on M-resin, our patented extrudable reseal technology, these adhesives: 

  • Extend food freshness and safety to meet regulatory requirements due to a strong, resealable bond 
  • Reduce material usage by 30% while being compatible with mono-APET trays and offering ideal bond performance 
  • Increase recyclability with Recyclass certification for European PE recycling stream and Plastic Sense Foundation certification for recycling single/mono APET trays    
  • Enhance convenience with easy package opening and reclosing 
  • Improve overall package appeal due to low haze and excellent transparency 
  • Decrease production complexity low with immediate use on existing packaging lines and no CAPEX required 

Featured product: M650.F

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