Dual Ovenable Sealing Adhesives


From freezer to microwave

Bostik’s dual ovenable sealing adhesives can go directly from the freezer to the microwave or convention oven. In particular, these adhesives include our Vitel® resins, which are specifically designed as heat seal coating for high heat lidding needs. 

These dual ovenable sealing adhesives are also designed to meet FDA compositional compliance for direct food contact and offer high extensibility and chemical resistance. As a result, our dual ovenable sealing adhesives can be used on two-piece can surfaces to protect food.

Manufactured using hot melt polyesters, our dual ovenable sealing adhesives are 100% solids. They offer a variety of benefits including good adhesion to polar substrates, high tensile strength and good UV resistance. Additionally, our Vitel resins can have excellent resistance to oils, solvents, plasticizers and water.

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