Sealing Adhesives for Horizontal Flow Packaging

Improving Efficiencies Every Step Along the Way

Bostik manufactures solvent-free adhesives that can be utilized as sealant layers in horizontal form, fill and seal (HFFS) packaging operations and applications. They offer fast machining, which keeps production lines running smoothly and efficiently.

In particular, our cold seal adhesive technology is ideal for horizontal flow packaging sealing processes. These sealing adhesives offer lower cling and have smoother unwind release, meaning more consistent packaging performance. 

Additionally, since no heat is required, this sealing technology increases high speed sealing efficiency and customer profitability.

Certain Bostik hot melt adhesives also can be used for horizontal flow packaging. These products offer low activation temperatures and good thermal stability. Furthermore, these sealing adhesives for horizontal flow packaging operations have the ability to seal multiple substrates and offer a lower overall raw material cost.

Bostik’s sealing adhesives can replace traditional solvent-based, heat seal coatings adhesives with an environmentally friendly option. This helps improve user safety by reducing their exposure to solvents.

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