Double-sided tape adhesives

The right adhesive for your application

Unlike other double-sided tape adhesives on the market, Bostik’s are not over engineered. Instead, our hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives are designed specifically to meet double-sided tape application needs. This not only makes them the smart choice for double-sided tape needs; it also makes them the right choice.

Additionally, our double-sided tape adhesives have the performance needed for the majority of applications and are appropriately formulated to handle the necessary requirements. 

Bostik’s double-sided tape adhesives are also less expensive than various other market options, such as solvent acrylics.

Furthermore, our adhesives for double-sided tape offer a superior bond without impeding overall aesthetics and have good resistance to environmental conditions.

Learn how double-sided tape is constructed and used in various applications

Contact a Bostik representative today to learn more about our hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive capabilities for double-sided tapes.

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