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Brilliance™ is another innovative first for Bostik, and it’s raising performance levels of baby care and adult incontinence products around the world. Brilliance’s unique formulation eliminates the need to choose between high performance and enhanced operational efficiencies by removing many of the production challenges your disposable hygiene business faces daily.

Eliminate inconsistent processing

Newer – often less expensive or thinner – substrates and elastics can enhance performance and profitability. But, if your adhesive doesn’t perform across a wide variety of processes or line conditions, the elastic bond can suffer. Brilliance maximizes flexibility with the ability to adhere to a widely expanded variety of substrates and elastics. You can easily switch to lower basis weights and thinner substrates without the inconvenience of burnthrough or decreased bond performance.

Eliminate inconsistent pattern

A less-than-precise adhesive pattern and coating can cause bleedthrough, overspray, and distortion. Brilliance delivers clean, precise patterns, which decrease the need for frequent line clean-up. Downtime is reduced. Product performance is improved.

Increase performance consistency across lines line

Different manufacturing line configurations, application systems, or product designs can negatively impact adhesive pattern. With exacting pattern precision, Brilliance enables easy processability and superior performance across lines…even when settings like temperature, line speed, or viscosity require changes.Find out more about how Brilliance eliminates challenges, reduces cost and enhances product performance.  Contact Us.

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